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Gingerbread Museum History

Once more, after two centuries, Lectar's in Radovljica has a functioning lect workshop, where products of an old Slovenian craft called »lectarija« are produced. The workshop also functions as a Gingerbread Museum, where visitors can see the process of lect making in person.

On a medieval square in the Upper Carniolan town Radovljica, a name dating back to before 1333, stands a house older than 500 years. In this house Jakob Krivic opened a lect workshop, a honey-bread bakery and a chandlery in 1766. He lived to be 90 years old. The craft was passed to his son, who started an inn in the same house in 1822. That inn is still open today. For a time, both trades were practiced in the same house, which is how the inn got its name, Lectar, and the house its symbol – a lect heart.

Vera Škrajnar in young years

… and her father


Janko Škrajnar with friends

Lectar stand in 1972

sometimes it was necessary to wait on customers

Vera in Janko Škrajnar - father and daughter

Vera with husband Georg Peischl

Georg Peischl in lectar workshop

Lectar Crafts has always been a highly respected industry

Janko Škrajnar - sales in Ljutomer


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